Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yea...I actually Love my job

"All you do is work".....dats all I ever hear from people. Am I offended....hell naw...wanna knw why cause I love my fuck'n job. I mean who wouldn't love a job dat provides flexible hrs, pto, holiday pay, & enuff overtime to spoil you rotten. But that's not the reason I love my job. Considering the work I do, it culd be pretty strenuous at times. Lets face it, everyone doesn't have the swaggeristic ability to handle the pressure that this type of work may hand to you. But I love those times even more. Working in an environment where it seems like your days have more of a bipolar effect then someone diagnose with that disorder. And even though I work with developmentally disabled adults, trust me its not the consumers who have the most issues. #believedat....But of course, you knw I never get involved in any of that #tomfoolery. Who knew I had a passion for dis back in 2004. Dis passion was longd for after wanted a job to support dat bitch, mary jane., I kinda felt like a college bum considerin my laid back school schedule I had designed for myself. So I filled out an app & let nature run its course & that it did. After not really knw'n where I wanted to go in life it all hit me like a lightn bolt. Not really a bolt but you feel me. I say that because I never thought that I wuld enjoy working in this field. I believe dat was due to my ignorance of dis field tho. Because from the first day of workin in this field I was hands on. I mean my observation period was never existing. I interacted & ran goals the first day and they crazy thing is, I didn't even knw I was running goals. HA! So from dat day forward I decided I wanted to study human development. And I excel'd in every course related to dat major even wen I transferred to Purdue (wat a bad decision, i'll blog bout dat later). Now that I've been working in this field now for a lil over 5 yrs, the consumers are not da anoy'n ones...its the be honest I didn't really experience any co-worker riff raff until I moved back home & begin workin. I mean I'm here to assist those who are developmentally disabled not those who act disabled wit their petty tomfoolery. Sometimes I really feel some of des co-workers they hiring aren't to far frm receiving the same services. But that's all due to the lack of professionalism in dis field. I mean its such a laid back environment, ppl forget where they're still at work. REMEMBER DAT!....and I'm not jus talkn bout my co-workers, I'm talkn bout case managers, pd's, supa's all dat....I jus sit back and observe....a few more yrs of dis & i'll be takin der jobs...I have a plan...#itsover

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