Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Twitter Madness

I must admit whoever came up wit da concept for twitter was one nosey but yet clever muthafucka. I mean who would think dat ppl actually don't care about displayn all of der business on da web. And dey say da web is dangerous. Not twitter. Lol...I love it. There is nothin better den know'n da every move, mood, & thought of ur favorite celebrity or even ur nxt door neighbor. Sounds kinda creepy but very entertaining. But then you have to be aware of da twitter rallies. Those are the FEDS of twitter. You knw fb & myspace have then too. The ppl who constantly look @ your shit to see wat ur talkn bout & if its anything dat fascinating to them they'll start shit or jump to conclusions. #getalife...Am I that excitin tho???...I guess so..lol...I've had ex boyfriends come ask me about something I twitted...clearly we are no longer involved so why must you knw da content of my twit. #clearlyitsnotboutyou...I've also had those controversial twitter rallies who can't seem to keep der 2 sense or der opinions outta my twits...#clearlyitsnotboutyoueither...#mustgetalifeasap...but I must say it does make me feel super important dat they take out da time to read my twits den extra time to worry themselves about my twits..HA!...well as of now twitt'n is aprt of life..well mines @ least...so enjoy my twits...dey mite be for u

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