Friday, February 19, 2010

Facebook & its socialist attitude...lmao

I find it hilarious when parents all of a sudden decide they need a social networkin page such as Myspace or Facebook. Um....excuse you, when did you feel it was okay for your 50 something self to be pokin it was Myspace. Myspace started being the site to be on in like 2003 or something. And I must admit myspace was juk'n for a couple of yrs. THEN ppl like church members & family knw the aunts & uncles you either hate or you jus dnt want dem in ur business startd requested you as friends. Like wtf...shuldnt you be workin or something. *smh*...After myspace became parent space...I had to relocate to facebook. Now I was finally somewhere I could sit back & jus be esh....THEN he comes the cool church memebers...okay dats fine...then here comes the ya friends mom...dnt get me wrong she cool & all but dis is how it all you got aunts & knw da nosey ones dat visit just to nosey. And you wonder how ya mom found out bout dat college party you went we dnt want you guys on here...dis is why social networking sites were created in the first place...TO GET AWAY FROM YOU RENTS. I mean we love you, we jus dnt need you all up in our cyber space. Geez!....lmao...

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