Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When I was younger, I wanted to live da whole american dream...you know marriage, 2kids, nice crib, & job. But as I got older the marriage part didn't seem as relevant. But that's only through observation. Marriage isn't sacred anymore. I mean no one respects the values of that holy matrimony we called marriage. It seems like the only marriages I see working are those who I knw dat have been married for more than 20yrs & even some of those are in jepordey now due to the uprising in infidelity. As I read on wat the significance of marriage is, I wonder if the value of marriage itself is too sacred for us as humans to even possibly conquer til death do you part?... I feel it's too many humans who take marriage lightly anyway. I mean when you enter marriage you've entered a convenent not only with ur significant otha but with God. So if marriage is something you knw you can't commit to for whatever reason...why bother???...People now a days get married just because...its like a trend or sum shit. I promise you my fellow blog friends, everybody (with the exception of 1 couple), that I know who have recently, I say within the last 6yrs, gotten married, marriage has failed for dem due to infidelity, confused spouses, & those who was on top of "da trend" & is now realizing that dis trend is beyond der fashion style. #imjustsayn I dnt knw if it's my previous relationships or da observation of otha's have anythin to do wit my epiphany but I dnt knw if I even wanna put dat much trust in a person. Yea I knw you have to put ur trust in God but you also have to sum extent put ur trust in your significant otha I mean dis is only da person you vowed the rest of ur life too. I knw it's gonna be obstacles to over come but just knowin some of the things ppl do, and I knw der married, it's like damn you do dat and you married, for real?!... Forget scared that's repulsive...lmao...man o man...idk my lil blog headers...well maybe dis is why God has to send dem to you...#ohyea...lmao

Friday, February 19, 2010

Facebook & its socialist attitude...lmao

I find it hilarious when parents all of a sudden decide they need a social networkin page such as Myspace or Facebook. Um....excuse you, when did you feel it was okay for your 50 something self to be pokin someone...lol...First it was Myspace. Myspace started being the site to be on in like 2003 or something. And I must admit myspace was juk'n for a couple of yrs. THEN ppl like church members & family members..you knw the aunts & uncles you either hate or you jus dnt want dem in ur business startd requested you as friends. Like wtf...shuldnt you be workin or something. *smh*...After myspace became parent space...I had to relocate to facebook. Now I was finally somewhere I could sit back & jus be esh....THEN he comes the cool church memebers...okay dats fine...then here comes the ya friends mom...dnt get me wrong she cool & all but dis is how it all starts...LMAO...now you got aunts & uncles....you knw da nosey ones dat visit just to nosey. And you wonder how ya mom found out bout dat college party you went to...like we dnt want you guys on here...dis is why social networking sites were created in the first place...TO GET AWAY FROM YOU RENTS. I mean we love you, we jus dnt need you all up in our cyber space. Geez!....lmao...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yea...I actually Love my job

"All you do is work".....dats all I ever hear from people. Am I offended....hell naw...wanna knw why cause I love my fuck'n job. I mean who wouldn't love a job dat provides flexible hrs, pto, holiday pay, & enuff overtime to spoil you rotten. But that's not the reason I love my job. Considering the work I do, it culd be pretty strenuous at times. Lets face it, everyone doesn't have the swaggeristic ability to handle the pressure that this type of work may hand to you. But I love those times even more. Working in an environment where it seems like your days have more of a bipolar effect then someone diagnose with that disorder. And even though I work with developmentally disabled adults, trust me its not the consumers who have the most issues. #believedat....But of course, you knw I never get involved in any of that #tomfoolery. Who knew I had a passion for dis back in 2004. Dis passion was longd for after wanted a job to support dat bitch, mary jane. Lmao...plus, I kinda felt like a college bum considerin my laid back school schedule I had designed for myself. So I filled out an app & let nature run its course & that it did. After not really knw'n where I wanted to go in life it all hit me like a lightn bolt. Not really a bolt but you feel me. I say that because I never thought that I wuld enjoy working in this field. I believe dat was due to my ignorance of dis field tho. Because from the first day of workin in this field I was hands on. I mean my observation period was never existing. I interacted & ran goals the first day and they crazy thing is, I didn't even knw I was running goals. HA! So from dat day forward I decided I wanted to study human development. And I excel'd in every course related to dat major even wen I transferred to Purdue (wat a bad decision, i'll blog bout dat later). Now that I've been working in this field now for a lil over 5 yrs, the consumers are not da anoy'n ones...its the CO-workers...to be honest I didn't really experience any co-worker riff raff until I moved back home & begin workin. I mean I'm here to assist those who are developmentally disabled not those who act disabled wit their petty tomfoolery. Sometimes I really feel some of des co-workers they hiring aren't to far frm receiving the same services. But that's all due to the lack of professionalism in dis field. I mean its such a laid back environment, ppl forget where they are....you're still at work. REMEMBER DAT!....and I'm not jus talkn bout my co-workers, I'm talkn bout case managers, pd's, supa's all dat....I jus sit back and observe....a few more yrs of dis & i'll be takin der jobs...I have a plan...#itsover

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Twitter Madness

I must admit whoever came up wit da concept for twitter was one nosey but yet clever muthafucka. I mean who would think dat ppl actually don't care about displayn all of der business on da web. And dey say da web is dangerous. Not twitter. Lol...I love it. There is nothin better den know'n da every move, mood, & thought of ur favorite celebrity or even ur nxt door neighbor. Sounds kinda creepy but very entertaining. But then you have to be aware of da twitter rallies. Those are the FEDS of twitter. You knw fb & myspace have then too. The ppl who constantly look @ your shit to see wat ur talkn bout & if its anything dat fascinating to them they'll start shit or jump to conclusions. #getalife...Am I that excitin tho???...I guess so..lol...I've had ex boyfriends come ask me about something I twitted...clearly we are no longer involved so why must you knw da content of my twit. #clearlyitsnotboutyou...I've also had those controversial twitter rallies who can't seem to keep der 2 sense or der opinions outta my twits...#clearlyitsnotboutyoueither...#mustgetalifeasap...but I must say it does make me feel super important dat they take out da time to read my twits den extra time to worry themselves about my twits..HA!...well as of now twitt'n is aprt of life..well mines @ least...so enjoy my twits...dey mite be for u

I'm Here Now

wats up blogspot...kinda new to dis but hey! I'm here now..lol..so jus sit back & enjoy da ride...I have a A LOT to blog...I'm a very private person wen it comes to certain areas in my life but dis blog is goin to allow me to blah! bout it...so stay tune...