Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When I was younger, I wanted to live da whole american dream...you know marriage, 2kids, nice crib, & job. But as I got older the marriage part didn't seem as relevant. But that's only through observation. Marriage isn't sacred anymore. I mean no one respects the values of that holy matrimony we called marriage. It seems like the only marriages I see working are those who I knw dat have been married for more than 20yrs & even some of those are in jepordey now due to the uprising in infidelity. As I read on wat the significance of marriage is, I wonder if the value of marriage itself is too sacred for us as humans to even possibly conquer til death do you part?... I feel it's too many humans who take marriage lightly anyway. I mean when you enter marriage you've entered a convenent not only with ur significant otha but with God. So if marriage is something you knw you can't commit to for whatever reason...why bother???...People now a days get married just because...its like a trend or sum shit. I promise you my fellow blog friends, everybody (with the exception of 1 couple), that I know who have recently, I say within the last 6yrs, gotten married, marriage has failed for dem due to infidelity, confused spouses, & those who was on top of "da trend" & is now realizing that dis trend is beyond der fashion style. #imjustsayn I dnt knw if it's my previous relationships or da observation of otha's have anythin to do wit my epiphany but I dnt knw if I even wanna put dat much trust in a person. Yea I knw you have to put ur trust in God but you also have to sum extent put ur trust in your significant otha I mean dis is only da person you vowed the rest of ur life too. I knw it's gonna be obstacles to over come but just knowin some of the things ppl do, and I knw der married, it's like damn you do dat and you married, for real?!... Forget scared that's repulsive...lmao...man o man...idk my lil blog headers...well maybe dis is why God has to send dem to you...#ohyea...lmao

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